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Problem Solver  ·  Emotional Intelligence  ·  Learning Agility  ·  Critical Thinking  ·  Hands-On Problem Solving  ·  Results Oriented  ·  Attention to Detail  ·  Strong Management Skills · Strong Social Media Skills  ·  Communication and Interpersonal Skills  ·  Writing and Editing  ·  Flexible & Adaptable  ·  Creative & Analytical Combination

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 Brainstorming  -  Process Improvement -  Planning   -  Social Engagement


Social Media Consulting and Guidance -Social Networking for Clients, including:


Social Engagement

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Instagram and more -  Branding and visibility (Image, Logo, Marketing) -  Trend and relevancy monitoring 


Strategy, Plan Development, and Implementation   -  Marketing Materials -  Brand Building and Value Focus - Logo Creation Sales 


Strategy Development and Implementation -  Team Building -  Skills Training  and Mentoring -  Talent Acquisition -  RFP - Sales Management

  • Marketing and communication strategy development and implementation

  • Newsletter and press release development

  • Social media strategy development and implementation

  • Facebook and Instagram focused ad creation, campaigns and analytics

  • Initiating, fostering and maintaining relationships

  • Building, mentoring and managing teams

  • Managing multi-million-dollar budgets

  • Excellent verbal and written skills

  • Trade show experience as employee and exhibitor

  • Continuous learning and skill development

  • Maintain knowledge of trends

  • Print, digital and event management

  • Development Project Manager and Ideas Architect for creation of new software technology

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